Learn How to Make a Blog in 7 Steps

How to create a Websites: Hello friends, welcome again to start online. You can read this post in English and Marathi also. First of all, we start writing a blog on how to make a blog complete guide of digital marketing. Since this blog topic is an older version of modern digital marketing.

Blogging is one such subject. Which covers about 70 to 80% of the entire digital marketing course. And as I have already told that all the topics of Digital Marketing are related to each other.

How to make a blog

So I have decided to start this guide with blogging. If you also want to get complete knowledge of digital marketing. So please don’t underestimate this text at all. In my opinion, all the newbies should start with blogging to learn digital marketing.

So let’s see how to make a blog-

How to make a blog You must have heard many times that people earn money from Blogs. And nowadays most of the people in India are on the internet that how to start a business without money with blogging in 2020. How to make a blog How to make money from blogging How to create a blog on WordPress and start blog writing, etc. Looking for it.

If you too must have come here in the same search then you have come to the right place. I am here to tell you all about blogging, from A to Z, as well as how to make a blog.

Before knowing how to create a blog, know the meaning of a blog.

So before we see how to make a blog, let us know what is the meaning of blogging. And let’s see how blogging works. So that you can easily understand how a blog is written, a blog is a kind of website. The only difference is that the blog has to write at least one post every 1-2 days. So that people have love and interest in your blog.

And in the case of a website, it is not necessary. People on blogs share their knowledge about subjects they know well. Or the likes, and those who like to write. They share their thoughts with people through the internet through blogs.

Let us understand with some examples how to make a blog.

Examples Of How to Make a Blog.

  1. Some people specialize in the method of cooking, whether the dish is non-vegetarian or vegetarian. And some just specialize in making vegetarian dishes. So someone specializes only in making non-vegetarian dishes. And some people specialize in making both types of dishes. Then they tell people how to cook their food through blogs. So that like him, others can be inspired to cook delicious dishes.
  2. If someone is fond of traveling, then such a person writes in detail about different places. So that other people can get good information about those tourist places etc. sitting at home.

How to write a blog or even if you are not an expert in anything, there is no need to be sad. I will tell you some such ways by which you will be able to write a great blog even if you are not an expert in any subject. Everyone has some of the other knowledge about some subject.

And how to write a blog about it, so that people can read it and people can use the information given in it, I will tell further in this regard. Hopefully, from these examples, you must have understood how to make a blog.

In how to make a blog, you will know whether you can earn money from blogging?

Yes, you can earn money from blogging, there are many ways for this. For example, you can write a review of a product on your blog. You can sell products by joining the Affiliate Program of various companies. You can also place ads on your blog. You can also earn money from Google Ad-sense.

Apart from this, there are many other ways in which you can earn money from your blog. Next, I will tell you about all these types in full detail. But SEO is very important in all this. Because with this you can earn a lot without any investment.

As soon as you will read this guide, you will know how to make a blog, how to do blogging, how to write a blog, how to earn money from a free WordPress blog. Content writer means creating a website etc. All questions will be answered.

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I want to tell you with full confidence that if someone follows what I have told properly then he can write a good blog. Even if he is a fourth-grade kid. You can earn a lot from that blog too. But yes, I am not giving you any assurance either. Because unless your writing and topic are engaging, it is difficult to earn from a blog. But if you work hard then you will get success.

Learn How to Create a Blog in 7 Steps

How to Make a Blog

We will look at each point one by one in detail below. So that by the end of this post you will understand how to make a blog. Along with this, you will also get good information about how to create a blog on WordPress. Come on, let’s begin.

  • On which topic and how to write a blog?
  • What should be the domain name?
  • How to buy a domain name?
  • Where to host your blog? – (hosting)
  • How to add your domain name and hosting?
  • What should be kept in mind to make the blog attractive?
  • How to write your first post?
  • How to get traffic?
  • How to monetize?
  • How to sell affiliate products?
  1. How to Create a Blog Blog and Write on Which Topic? How to write a blog and on which topic?

How to make a blog, First of all, you have to understand which topic and how to write a blog:- So for this, we have to think which blog can be written for which topic and on which topic / Niche and for what reason. As below, I have listed some of the reasons to start a blog. This will give you an idea of ​​how to write a blog. How to make a blog on which topic? And let’s see what things should be kept in mind before writing a blog. So that you can understand how to make a blog properly. Although people write blogs for many reasons, I have given some such reasons below, for which you can also be a reason, like.

  • To earn money.
  • To get fame.
  • To share your knowledge.
  • Write about great and popular logos.
  • About sharing information about different tourist places.
  • To display your business to the public.
  • To increase production or sales.
  • To teach others.
  • Reviewing various products etc.

Blogs are written on many topics. Some examples of Topic For Blog are given below to give you a little knowledge about these topics, viz.

  • Travel blog
  • Music Blog – Music Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog – Lifestyle Blog
  • Fitness Blog – Fitness Blog
  • Sports Blog. – Sports Blog.
  • Review Blog – Blog Review –
  • Recipe Blog – Blog Reviews
  • Fashion Blog – Fashion Blog

Now to understand how to write a blog, you must examine the topics we are going to write about. It is also very important to know if people are also interested in this favorite subject of yours. Because if you write on a topic, and people are not interested to know about that topic. So there will be no point in writing your blog and your efforts will be in vain. So, before writing a blog, you should make sure whether people are interested to know about that topic or not. Apart from this, our interest and knowledge in the subject on which we are writing are equally important.

Now how to find out about people’s interest – Keyword Research To Start Blog

So it must have been understood that how a blog is formed, now how can we find out whether people have interest in that topic or not in which we have an interest. It’s very simple. I am giving you the names of some websites below, and with the help of those websites, we will know on which topic to write a blog and about which topics/queries people are searching and interested to know. After getting all this information, we just have to answer people’s questions one by one in the correct sequence. So that they could get all the information they were looking for. That’s it, our blog is ready!

So making a blog is not very easy. Well, below I am going to tell you about some very important websites so that you will get an idea of how to write a blog on which topic. So this is our first website,

This is a Google Chrome extension, you can install it in your Google Chrome browser and Fire Firefox browser. After clicking on the link, you will see such a screen, after which you can install it in whatever browser you have. This is a great tool for free keyword research, which should be used by everyone. I want to tell you one more thing that I do not promote this product nor do I get any commission for explaining this product to you guys. This is a very popular tool and I love it. Especially for keyword ideas, so I am suggesting you too.

  • Keywords:-

Unfortunately, this tool is now a tree, but never mind, you can also do good keyword research using both WMS Everywhere and Ubersuggest. With the help of this tool, you can know how much people are searching for which topic. And what other similar topics are you looking for? Then you see if you also have an interest or knowledge in a topic that people are looking for. Because people type words in Google (Search Engine) search bar to find information.

Google (Search Engine) types the word in the search bar.

And with this extension, you get a lot of important information which will come in handy while writing a blog. The words people type in Google’s search bar are called keywords. With this extension, you can see what keywords people are typing to get the information they want. All you have to do is type different topics in the Google (Search Engine) search bar.

For example:-

  • Health tips
  • Best Vegetarian Recipes
  • Latest Mobiles
  • Essential WordPress Theme
  • Types of Yoga
  • Meaning of Blog
  • fashion blog
  • How to Create a Blog on WordPress
  • How to create a blog, etc.

Just this will make it easier for you to understand which topic you want to blog about. And also you will get other important information. Such as several keywords, competition, cost per click, etc. You can also watch the video below to understand how to use this Google Chrome extension, to better understand this Chrome extension, and to know more about Keyword Research.

  • Portant

Now you have another website named Portent which shows you long keywords. So that you have an easy way to deal with your subject. And you will also get the sub-topics of those subjects. By which you can write the chosen topic in more detail. A long keyword is a sentence that consists of two, three, or more words. For example:- how to make money online, how to make an online blog. Online English Speaking Course etc. With those keywords, you can write on the topics about which you want.

  • HubSpot

This website helps us to find keyword ideas and keyword topics. It is very easy to run this website. And you will find new keywords, topics, and new ideas easily. This will help you a lot in How To Write Blog.

  • Reply to the public

This is also a great website. You can also easily find subtitles, title, the topic for writing a blog using this. All you have to do is type your topic and this website will find and show you all the queries related to your topic. Keywords Everywhere are pre-installed in your browser, so you will see important information about the number of keywords, competition, cost per click. For example:- Check out the below screen-shot, so you can understand how important information we can get and that too for free!

  • Google Trends

Google Trends is our last and most important website. The keywords collected with the help of the above three websites will tell you the trends of those topics. You can also watch the video below for a better understanding. Which helps you a lot to understand this tool and write a blog.

You can use this awesome tool SEMrush to do advanced keyword research of your competitors and see the top keywords. And you can rank your website better than your competitors in just a few days. By clicking on this special link you can take 7 days free trial, in these 7 days you can find out a lot about your competitors with the help of this tool.

  1. How to create a blog, we will see what a domain name should be, and how to choose – meaning and how to choose a domain

Domain means this is the identity of your blog. This is in a way the address of your website/blog. When we write a blog on a topic, then its domain name should also be similar to the name of our blog, so that people can get an idea about the topic of your blog. They should be under no illusions, and they will name your blog. can be found easily. You can get the information given in it. Before buying a domain name, keep the following things in mind.

  1. Ease of pronunciation.
  2. Must be easy to remember.
  3. It would be even better if it was made by mixing common and popular words.
  4. It should be of the minimum number of words. Avoid names bigger than 15 words.
  5. The domain name must have a good meaning
  6. Go to the .com name, or use the Country extension.
  7. Your topic should come from the domain name.

Below I give some examples of domain names, which will make it easier for you to understand.

Domain means for example:-

If you are writing a blog on health, then the word health should come in your domain name. like

healthdoctor.com, healthmantra.com, healthandwellness.com, etc.

If you are writing a blog on dog training. So the word dog training should appear in your domain name. like

dogtraining.com, bestdogtraining.com, etc.

If you are making a blog on Recipe then the word Recipe should come in your domain name. like

bestrecipes.com, nonvegrecipes.com, etc.

But yes it is not mandatory at all. But this will certainly help you a lot in SEO.

domain name extension. Domain names have many extensions. like

  • .com
  • .co
  • .in
  • met. and many more.

Domain Means:- But .com is the more popular of these, and typing on the keyboard is also easy, all you have to do is press the Control + Enter key followed by the name. com is automatically typed into the browser. Or you can also take extensions according to your country.

Well, all these things are not mandatory. But if you implement them, then another SEO factor of your blog will be better. And your chances of getting free organic traffic increase. With this, more and more people will see your blog and you will also earn a lot. These are some examples of some country-wise domain name extensions, such as:-

  • For India – .in
  • for Russia – .ru
  • United Kingdom (UK) – .uk etc.
  1. How and where to buy a domain name? Meaning of domain, how and from where to buy?

Domain Meaning:- There are many websites available to buy a domain name. You can buy from any of the websites listed below. This is a website selling both popular domains. Here I am giving you a special discount link to both these websites so that you will get the domain name at a very cheap and discounted price.

  1. Name Cheapche
  2. Where To Buy Hosting For Blog – Hosting Meaning, Where To Buy Best Hosting To Start Blog.

The title of our article is how to make a blog. But if you are serious about blogging then you will have to invest a little in hosting. Because the cost of buying hosting and domain is less than the cost of your one lunch or dinner. And if you want to do serious business, you can spend so much. Stay two hands away from those selling cheap and local hosting.

Because by making the mistake of buying cheap hosting in the initial days, I have done a big loss. Can’t tell when they will run away with your money. In their hosting, the website is down for half an hour in 24 hours and the downing of the website means a drop in your search engine ranking. Don’t even ask about their website speed.

Below I am also suggesting the website name for this, I have also bought a domain and hosting from it. And very happy with their service. Whose customer support is excellent. It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee. And they have a good name in the hosting world.

The link I am giving below is a special discount link. After clicking on which the direct special discount page will open, and you will get hosting very cheap.

Best hosting provider

  1. Namecheap.com

But still, you want to start your blogging career with free blogging, then you can start by clicking here. how to make money from a free WordPress blog

Bonus Meaning in Blogging:-

Also, I give a pack of 300+ transparent logo designs to my students for free, which cost more than 10000 rupees in the market. Regarding logo design, if you search on a website like Fiver and Freelancer, then it takes at least 5 to 100 dollars to design just 1 logo and I am going to give you 300+ logo designs here.

 pay attention:-

This offer is for the first fifty people. After that, you will hardly get to see this offer again on this page. If you have made up your mind to buy hosting then this is your golden opportunity to get a double bonus offer.

  1. How to Connect Your Domain and Hosting. –

How to write a blog: – After buying a domain name and hosting, you have to connect your domain and hosting to each other. If you have purchased a domain from Namecheap and have purchased hosting from Siteground, then you will need to go to your Namecheap account and change the name servers. And you will get these Name Servers from Siteground.

For your convenience, I am giving some screenshots and video links below. Seeing which you will be able to easily add your domain name and hosting.

How to install WordPress after knowing how to create a blog.

As soon as your domain and hosting are connected, you install WordPress. You can also watch this video below for WordPress installation.

How many websites are there in the whole world? About 37% of those websites are built in WordPress. So we will also install WordPress, and as I mentioned earlier. that it is very easy to use. In this, we can design our blog and website as per our wishes. You will find many free themes and plugins in WordPress. In addition, I will also give you some premium themes and plugins, which will be very discounted from the market rate.

Which you can’t even imagine. You can contact me for more information. Hope you have also understood how to start a business without money and how to write a blog.

  1. How to make a blog attractive? – How to make a block attractive??

To make the blog attractive and fast, you have to install Fast Theme. And some very important plugins have to be installed. Well, there are thousands of themes and plugins available. But I will tell you about very lite, super fast great theme and few selected important plugins. Which is very popular and important for any blog.

There are 100+ themes available on the internet. But out of these, I will suggest to you the name of only one theme, which is used by all the top bloggers.

And I also use this theme because the speed of this theme is very good and the size is very less. To rank any blog in Google, its speed matters the most. Because of the quality of these themes, I am recommending these topics to you. You can download it because it is a free version from the link given below. GeneratePress and Astra High-Speed ​​Theme

Important Plugins

These important plugins in blogging mean you can click on the plugins option in your dashboard and then click on Add New and find and install the plugins name given below it.

  1. Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi
  2. Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades by Chris Jean
  3. Hide Title by Dojo Digital
  4. Insert Header and Footer by WPBeginner
  5. Yoast SEO by Team Yoast
  6. Jetpack by WordPress.com
  7. Total Cash by W3 Frederick Towns
  8. Now after knowing how to create a blog, first of all how to write a blog post. – How to write a blog post?

Now you are ready to write the first post. Above we saw how to make a blog, blogging meaning, how to find keywords, domain, how to add hosting, how to install WordPress, etc.

Now you have to choose a topic based on your practice, which you have a good understanding of. Why? And you can talk about that topic for 2-3 hours without stopping. Just take a paper and pen and write about your subject in detail one by one. for example.

  1. All types of short questions related to your subject
  2. Answer those questions also
  3. Its Benefits
  4. Her Disadvantages
  5. Remedies for those losses
  6. Comparative Information
  7. Your opinion at the end, etc.

After writing all this, giving the final shape to your blog put the keywords found after searching in your blog according to SEO. So that if any person searches for information related to your topic on the Internet, then your blog will come to the top in his eyes. After doing all this, you have to publish your first post. Your confidence will gradually increase as soon as you publish the first post. But if you haven’t read this post of mine, then do read it. So that you will not have any problem in writing the first post.

How to bring traffic to the blog?

After learning how to make a blog, now your target remains that how more and more people come to the blog. We have to share the link of our blog on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. After that in Q&A forums like Quora, we have to find such forums where people have some questions related to our topic.

And the answers to their questions are inside our blog. If this is what you see. So you have to go to those forums and answer the questions asked by the people there. So that traffic starts coming to your blog from the forum as well.

You can try it in a few other ways as well.

For example, you can also make some YouTube videos. Due to which people watching YouTube will click on the link of your blog in the description, then they will also come on top of your blog.

So in this way, we can bring a lot of traffic to our blog. Apart from this, there are many other ways to bring traffic to the blog. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google’s Tree Ads. By advertising trees on all these platforms, you can also bring traffic to your blog. I will tell you about this in more detail. But whatever methods I have just told you are enough to bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

  1. SEO.
  2. Social Media.
  3. Question Answer Forum.
  4. Tree Advertisement, etc.
  5. How to monetize after knowing how to create a blog?

Finally, after completing all the above steps, now you have got the answer to the question that how to make a blog.

If you 100% practice and follow the above-mentioned things. Many people will come to your blog. And when this happens then you can earn good money by monetizing your blog. Below I am giving some websites that monetize blogs. And shows ads on your blog. With this, you can start earning income.

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Infolinks
  3. Edgeblade
  4. Aditi
  5. Adcash
  6. Medianet
  7. Propeller Advertisement
  8. Painter
  9. Interlocutor
  10. Blades
  11. Advertisement
  12. How To Sell Affiliate Products From Blog? – How to Sell Affiliate Product on Blog?

Learn how to sell affiliate products from a blog or earn money from blogging:

Affiliate Program i.e. when we sell a company’s product through our blog. So that company gives us some commission in return for that. And if you want to sell Affiliate Products through Blogging then it is very easy. Because on any topic we write, there is a lot of potential in it. That the products related to that subject are being sold in the market. And you have to find products running Affiliate Program.

But yes, for any product you want to sell through a blog, you should have complete knowledge about that product. Because people will read your blog with interest only when the smallest information about that product is given in your blog.

After reading which people will buy that product with full confidence. Many companies are running Affiliate Program, out of which I am listing their names below which are the best and most reliable companies. By clicking on these you can join any program.

For example:- You can take any website like TradeTron, Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Jvzooo, and Admitted. Where products from almost every niche are sold.

And if one of those products is related to your blog, then you can write your review about that product while writing your blog. Or else the same product is being sold on 2-3 websites, then you can write a comparative analysis of that product on your blog.

If people make up their mind to buy that product after reading the review written by you. Then he will click on the link given on your blog. As soon as they click on a link to your product. So he will immediately go to that website. where the product is being sold.

After that when that person buys that product. So in return, that company will give you some amount as commission. Quickly connect to any or all of the networks suggested above.

This is just the beginning.

If you have not understood some things in this post, then you must read this post of mine. Where I have explained in detail all the basic to advanced ways to start a blog so that you can understand it in more detail. If you want please bookmark this post and try it together.

In the future, I will continue to write about blogging and all other online opportunities. Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask by commenting in the comment box below. Or contact us by clicking here. And yo…. Congratulations…..

With this, you have got almost all the basic information about how to make a blog and how to write a blog post. Now you have not only learned how to write a blog but have also learned to bring traffic to it and earn money from it.

Now you can write your blog on any topic. And yes, now you have to keep publishing posts of at least 1000-2000 words on your blog every 2-3 days.

If you write a post of 5000 words or more words. So if you put a post even once a week, it will work. But this process should always go on so that you remain in the search ranking of google. And I’ll also keep you updated about this topic by email as much as possible.

Also, I will keep writing about blogging and all other online opportunities. And if you have submitted your email address in subscribe form then you will also get notification of new posts in the future. That’s all, see how to make a blog in our next post, where you will get to know about the role of social media in digital marketing. Have a nice day and best wishes to you.

Thank you,

FAQsrelated to Blogging

On which topic to blog?

Create a blog on that topic which is 1. Passion, 2. Profit, 3. Trending and 4. You have a good knowledge of it. That is, write a blog on that topic, for which you have good knowledge and you are passionate in it, as well as there should be some profitable production related to that topic and it should be in trend for a long time.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

You may have to spend only ₹ 285 per month to start blogging. But if you buy siteGround hosting from my above link. Then you will get a good discount.

How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers whose blog gets a lot of traffic, start getting money from websites like Adsense, Media Net. Also, when there is a lot of traffic on their blog, they get money in many ways. To know about which you must read my 33 Steps post.

What type of blog makes money?

Money is made from every blog on which more and more people visit. That is the blog on which traffic is very high. Health, lifestyle, home decor, jobs, reviews, and recipes. A lot of traffic comes to the blog made on these topics. And that’s why these blogs also earn a lot of money.

Should I blog or vlog?

I say you should do both if you can. Because you will get traffic from both the mediums and your earning will also increase.

What is the difference between blog and vlog?

One who is a blogger writes a blog, and a vlogger publishes a video vlog. Vlogs usually post/publish on platforms like YouTube. When blog people publish on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Vix

How to Make a Blog


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