11+ MONEY EARNING GAME | Earn 1000 -3500 Daily

Money Earning Games: In today’s time, everyone plays games to pass the time but you know that there is also money earning game, with money winning the game, you play the game, win money as much as you want and in reality, you also get money, you have 11+ such money earnings way. I Will tell you about the game, which I have used myself and I have got money.

Money Earning Games

If you are fond of playing games, then you can do entertainment from the money-winning game, as well as earn a lot of money, I am going to tell you how to earn money from the Game Play money win app if you are not winning. So I will also tell you how to win, with the help of which you can win a lot of money, I will tell you the last way to win money.

Now you must be thinking which game will be in the money earning game, I already tell you, in this, you will get all the games that you and all of us play daily on our mobile like 3 Patti, Ludo, Carrom, Pubg, Free There are about 50-60 games like Fire, Fruit Cutter, which we can play and win up to 1000 in every bet.

Why and from where does the earning game give money?

This question must have come to everyone’s mind if this money-earning game gives money, then people win up to crores of rupees every day, then after all, how much money did this game give from your pocket?

The game earning money, first of all, earns money through ads but it is impossible to earn so much money through ads, then it makes tournaments between you people.

Like, between you and any other player, a Ludo Tournament of 10 – 10 rupees is installed, then whoever wins the player gets 18 rupees and the money winning game has deducted its commission of 2 rupees from it, like this millions of people play every day. There is also a game earning a lot of free money in this way, as well as there are tournaments with a huge amount.

How to earn money from money-making games?

You get a lot of tasks in the money earning game app, with the help of which you can win a lot of money, that too easily, play all the games, win money, some tasks are the same in the app.

In this, you can earn money by playing your favorite game together, if you invite your friend, then you will get around 100 ₹ but the amount of Invite can be different in all money winning games.

And you can also win some money or big gift daily through Spin and Wheel, as well as adding money, you can also get some cash back, with the help of which you get different ways of earning.

11+ Money Earning Games | Earn 1000 – 3500 Daily


I am going to tell you about a lot of good and best money earning game download, out of which look at all of you and how all money earning games give money, I will tell you with complete information after that whatever you like better. You can download it on your mobile phone

1. MPL – Mobile Premier League

I have used MPL – Mobile Premier League myself and this is the best apps in the money winning game list, although it is not available on Play Store its downloading will be more than 100Million+

If you know how to play games within MPL, then you can win up to lakhs of rupees every day, by the way, in the last, I am going to tell you how much you are from MPL, I will also tell you how to play Mpl Game money win App in 10 -15 days approx Rs 47,773 Win have done

In this, you can withdraw money in Paytm, Bank, UPI, Amazon Pay, as well as add money in the same way and inside it you get 40+ games to play in this Ludo, Rummy, Poker, Pubg, All the games like Free Fire are available, in this, you can win big amount in Tournament with many people and can also play 1 V/s 1 game.

And daily you can win big gifts like Money, Token, Mobile, etc. through Spain And Wheel, as well as if you invite any of your friends then you get 75 ₹ and if you download for the first time and sing up time Refer Code If you enter, you get 50 to 100 ₹ if you want to download MPL, then you can also enter this Refer Code 5MRQXT, this will give you Signup Bouns Refer Code – 5MRQXT

2. Taxaal

Taxaal Predict And Win App are also very good, it is also used by many people, but it is completely different from the rest of the money winning game, but it is as easy as it is very easy, you have to put a little mind and you can win a lot. |

In Taxaal money winning the game, you get only one game, in this game you get numbers from 0 to 9 every 15 minutes, from this number you can choose as many numbers as you want and you can at least 10 ₹. But it can be taken after 15 minutes when the result comes, even a single number comes out, then you get 100 ₹ instead of 10 ₹, how much do you have in this?

You put 10 – 10 rupees on 8 or 9 numbers, whenever your number comes out of those 0 to 9 numbers, then you can win 10 rupees by doing this every 15 minutes when you know about playing more, then money on fewer numbers You can earn a lot by investing or investing more money when you get 200 rupees in it, you can withdraw it in the bank.

But when you use refer code you get 10 ₹ to 100 ₹, while signup you have to enter refer code 300AF0D3CA, if you want to download taxaal app you can download refer code – 300AF0D3CA

3. Zupee Gold 

Zupee Gold Reply Win Money Play other games, win money is different from the app, it is also used by many people to earn money, you can also make it a means of earning if you want.

You do not have to do much in this, you have to do Signup, after that you can earn from Refer And Earn as well as you can earn very well by playing Quiz in it and then you can withdraw that money very easily.

In this you get a lot of Quiz Tournament which you have to play, in this, you are asked some questions, in which you get the option of right or wrong, choose the odd one, choose the right one and so on, among them, you have the question to read. and choose if your score is higher then you can win.

You don’t even take much time to play it together, so play this game with the money win app, you can earn a lot of money in less time, very easily if you want to download Zupee Gold App then you can download it can do very easily.

4. WinZO Gold

You can also play many games in WinZO Gold, inside it you get to play almost all the games, as well as keep adding new games in a few days, you can earn a lot in this too.

In this, you get to earn money by playing some free games and you can also play by putting money in it, but it also has a loan function, which is very useful, you can put a request for a loan in it, along with the request In. Also need to enter how much will you return after winning the loan amount?

In this, when other users see your credit score, they give you a loan and as soon as they win money from the game, that money goes directly to the user taking the loan, in this also you can earn from the referral.

There are many ways to earn in this and you do not need to do much in this, you just have to sign up, after that you can easily play the game of your choice if you want to download WinZo gold money earning app.

5. Paytm First Game Pro

If you don’t believe in money-making games then remember that all this money earning game pay money and it is real and Paytm first game is Paytm’s only game app now you can guess yourself that Paytm first game how trustworthy

Well, let me tell you that there is no hassle of withdrawing money in Paytm First Game, this money stays in your Link Paytm Account and you can play games inside it whenever you want like Mpl like Rummy, Ludo, Carrom, Gadi Wala Game almost all Game is available, you can earn a lot from Paytm First Game App too.

Many people use it, in this you get to play tournaments and 1V1 games like any other game, with the help of which if you learn to play then you can start earning.

But you have to keep one thing in mind, whenever you sign up inside it, do it with the mobile number with Paytm Account so that you can get Paytm Wallets linked and the money goes directly to your Paytm Wallet so that you will not have any problem. Later if you want to download the Paytm first game if you use Paytm then you can.

6. Dream11

Dream11 is very old in the list of money-winning games, people are winning a lot of money because of this, maybe you know that Dream11 is older than 2016.

Dream11 Sports is a fantasy league app, in this, you get to play sports games, if you have good knowledge of sports games like cricket, basketball, football, then you can win a lot and you can earn more than refer and earn Huh. . is

In this, you have to make a team of players, suppose you are making a cricket team, then both the cricket teams have 24 players, out of those 24 players you have to choose 12 best players.

In this when the match starts you get different points of players, different points of catches, single runs, 4, 6 and different points of the wicket when your selected players score more points than the front If so, you win. The same thing happens in Basketball, Kabaddi, Football, but you get 100 ₹ for the referral.

7. BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is a kind of sports prediction app, with the help of which you can also earn good money, but even if you do not want to download its app, you can still play on BalleBaazi.com without downloading the app.

But if you create your account by downloading its BalleBaazi app then you will get a 50 ₹ bonus, with the help of which you can start earning money by playing Sports Prediction Game.

This is also a very good game in money-making Game if you have more knowledge about the games if you do not know about the game, then maybe it will not be so easy to earn money from it, also you get a lot of money. easily in it.

You get around 100 ₹ for inviting a friend if you want to refer, if you play well and score well, you can also win expensive gifts like mobile laptop bikes as gifts. If you want to download BalleBaazi money Game then you will find it very easy.


By the way, if we talk about loco, then the game of earning money is included in the list of trust app, you can trust it completely, many people earn a lot of money from this money game, you can also earn if you want.

In LOCO you get many ways to earn money, in this, you can earn the most by playing Quiz, if you have more knowledge of Quiz then it is very easy for you to earn from this money game.

In this you need a loco coin to play money quiz when you first create an account by downloading the loco app, you get 5000? LOCO coins as signup bounce and you can also earn loco coin by playing other games. What can be done

Then with the help of those coins, you can win money by playing a money Quiz Game and you can withdraw them in Paytm whenever you want, in this, you get 1 ₹ with a withdrawal limit which is very good if you want to download loco then do. can be done easily from here

9. Qureka

Qureka Money Earning Game can also prove to be very good for those people who play Quiz, Qureka you get to see Quiz Games, by playing which you can earn a lot of money.

In the money-making game Qureka you need to know the quiz, in this, you have to play the quiz and whoever ranks highest wins and get money as well can invite your friends.

It is very easy to withdraw money in this, you can withdraw money from Paytm in a few minutes as well as coins are needed to play the game, you can also earn coins by watching ads in it when you see an ad, then you get received. as a jump. get 10 coins.

Then you can start earning money by playing games with those coins and you also get many ways to earn coins and money and you can also make it a means of earning, if you want to download the Qureka money game then you can click here can do from.

10. Rummy Circle

In the rummy circle play game win money app you can win money by playing the game, many people play it too, you can play it on both your computer and mobile and it is easy to earn money from it.

Play rummy circle game, you also get the benefit of referring and earning money inside the app, along with this you can also win money by playing the rummy game but for that, you should have good knowledge of rummy.

If you have complete knowledge about rummy then you can also earn money by playing rummy circle, if you want to download the rummy circle app then you can do it very easily.

11. Nostra Gamus

According to Nostra Gamus Offical Website, Nostra Games is a money-earning game that is used by 6.7 million people, and every month about 20 lakh+ people have been winning, you can also start earning in Nostra Money Winning Game if you want.

In this also you have to make your team like Dream11 App to win when the players of your created team play well in the match then you win, in this, the winner is selected based on points.

In this you can participate in tournaments that win big lakhs by investing less money and 2 people can also play 1v1 by investing more money, but in big tournaments only those whose team is perfect, but in 1v1 you are just one player There are. win with a good team

If you want to try Nostra Gamus, then you can download the Nostra Gamus app.

12. My Team 11

My Team 11 is also exactly like Nostra Games and Dream 11 but on downloading it you get a bonus of 100 ₹ and you can start playing again.

You have to make the best team first, then when the match is over you become the winner when your points are high, but you have to keep in mind, the method of awarding points can be different in Nostra Games and Dream11.

And according to My Team 11 Offical Website you get 2 game modes to play in the My Team 11 App as well as it has 15Million+ Users and if we talk about Rating then it is 4.4 with the help of this app every day people get 10 Get crores. . Rupees. until you win

If you also want to try the My Team 11 App then you can download the My Team 11 App

Now I am going to tell you how to earn money from these Money Winning Games and I am going to tell you how to withdraw money from these money-earning games.

How to win money with money-making games?

I am going to tell you how to earn money from money-making games, if you adopt this method then you can start as much as you can without knowing, I am telling you some points if you follow these points start as soon as possible

  • You should play the free game first and this makes it easier for you to play the game, plus playing the free game gives you an idea of ​​how the other person plays.
  • If you find the funniest game and find it easy, keep playing it so that if you get a good practice of that game, it becomes as easy as possible.
  • Also, you should play a game tournament in which the number of players is less like a 1V1 match, etc. It has more chances of winning.

How to withdraw money from money-making games?

When you win money from the money-making game then you have to withdraw it but many people have a problem in withdrawing money so I am telling you to step by step how to withdraw money from money earning game so that you can easily Can win withdraw money

  • First of all, if you are downloading and playing any of these games, then all of them have the option of Paytm, with the help of which you can easily take payment in Paytm, if you do not have a Paytm account then it is Paytm by KYC Creating an account is very easy.
  • 30% is deducted as tax once you earn up to ₹ 10000 in-game wallet, so withdraw as little as you can.
  • Plus you can only withdraw money once a day in some of these games, so take it out when you think you’re going to pay that much today.
  • When you want to withdraw money from these money-earning games, you go to Wallets of the Games, there you will see the option to withdraw money, from there you can withdraw money in Paytm, UPI, Bank. Create an account in the game with the same number from which you already have a Paytm account, then only you will be able to take payment in Paytm.

4 Proven ways to Make Money


I have told you about almost all good money-earning games, as well as given complete information about how to earn money from money-making games so that you can earn money from the money-earning game and withdraw your pocket money.

If you learn to play the game well in money-earning games then you can start earning a lot, also if you know about good money-earning games then comment so that that too is included in this list Go.

Also, if you like the post of gameplay money app then please share it with your friends on group WhatsApp, Facebook, if you face any problem you can comment and thanks.

Money Earning Games


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