How to Start a Blog From Scratch Step by Step with Secret Guide.

Can you know why beginner bloggers fail in blogging? 

Don’t worry guys the god is sent me to teach you all and give 100/100 marks in blogging.

So guys if you want 100/100 marks in blogging you have to read this article properly without wasting your time lets know How to start a blog from Scratch. How to start a blog for free

Here it is,

What do you think blogging is a child’s play. Do you know About 5,00,000 Blog posts are submitted every day through different blogging platforms, most of the bloggers are young? About 60% of the blogger are young I,e, 14-27 years, with their creative niche and blogging ideas. By this data, you can make a sense of how much competition is there in the field of blogging. 

After reading the above data don’t quit because there are about 10 million google searches are made every day by different Search engines. Which is about 20 times the total blog posted every day. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to set up a blog, how to get traffic, and ranking of your blog in google then feel free because in this article we are discussing all the topics step by step later blog.

Like most online bloggers, the specific meaning of “blog” is still, particularly in transition. At its actual fundamental, websites – or “blogpost” – are in a real sense online diary with articles, photographs, Web linking, or different passages made by the sites’ designers, or “bloggers.” 

The most important thing in a blog is that it should be refreshed consistently. Generally, websites are refreshed each day, and some of the websites are refreshed a few times. Additionally, most of the online blog posts utilize unique software or sites which are focused on bloggers, so you need not be a PC master to make your blog. This implies that a common student or person who may have some basic knowledge of PCs can easily utilize the PC to make an effective setup and begin composing their blog. How to starHow to start a blog and get paidt a blog for free

As we discuss that in this article will learn how to make a blog, customization a blog, and also learn some techniques and strategy to get traffic on your website. So let’s get started and Start Our learning in Some simple steps.

How to start a blog from Scratch

Table of content:

Start a Blog From Scratch

Step:1 How to find the most effective Niche for a blog  

Step:2 Pick a Good Domain for Your Blog 

  •  How to Set Up a WordPress Blog 
  • Why Bluehost is the Best? How to start a blog for free

Step:3 How to Write and Make Live Your First Blog Post 

Step:4 Top Ways to Make Money from Your Blog 

  • Should I Start blogging in 2021?

Step:5 How to Promote Your Blog to Get Traffic?

Let’s begin, How to start a blog and get paid

How to find the most effective Niche for a blog  

The most important part of contributing to a blog is adhering to a subject. A large number of people who are new in the field of contributing to a blog wind up expounding on one keyword and afterward they jump to another on the following days.

For example, Today, you contribute a blog on cell phones t, at the next day you contribute to the latest Cars, and afterward, you begin discussing governmental issues one week from now. This sort of arrangement has its concern; you are unable to draw in a targeted audience for your blog post or website. 


Let’s take another example, our site is a blog for bloggers and web advertisers. Its specialty is writing for a blog, WordPress, SEO, etc. I realize it seems like numerous niches or topics, yet if you look carefully, all are essential for web-based marketing/writing for a blog/business specialty or for making a Brand. Essentially, your blog needs to have a specialty from starting. 

Which is best Single Topic or Multi-Topic Blogging and Why? 

A Few Tips To Decide the best Niche Of Your Blog website

  • When settling on a specialty, you need to consider something vital: 
  • In case you’re contributing to a blog for driving revenue, you would prefer not to pick a theme that gets huge loads of traffic, however, gets no cash. 
  • Niche like: Free SMS, Free themes & plugins, WhatsApp tips, Free paid app downloads, and so on.

These specialties will get you a great deal of traffic, however, presumably will not get you especially money. At a similar time, you would prefer not to pick a specialty that is excessively intense for you to expound on. 

So, what is the best niche

Best Niche is one in which you are identified or have a pretty knowledge about that niche, what you like, get great traffic, and has a financial worth. More than that, your specialty ought to have a future. For what reason would you make a vocation in the iPhone 7 when the iPhone 12 is also available now?

Here are 4 key things that you should observe when picking a Niche: 

  • Your interests in your niche?
  • Search volume of Your niche keyword?  
  • Is it a Trending niche or for the future? 
  • How much revenue you can get?

Presently, we will discuss the idea which will help you to choose a good niche for your blog website. If you are consistently working on the wrong niche, or you have been contributing to a blog about different things, don’t stress, you can generally change your Niche. 

Okay, with this present how about we continue ahead with our guide. 

  1. What will you prefer Profit or your Passion?

Let’s go with an example, innovation is something that individuals everywhere in the world are Googling like mad (Not a big surprise 90% of the top Indian blogpost are tech sites possessed by nerds from the IT persons!). 

It may be because you’re a lit graduate with zero interest or ability in innovation. Would it be a good idea for you to begin a tech blog since it’s the hot thing? Without a doubt, if you put in hours, you’ll have the option to discover sufficient data on innovation to blog about. In any case, making writing for blog progress is a long interaction. You will get three guest visitors in a day for the initial three months. 

Blogging Money

You’ll be scouring the web for online journals in your specialty, understanding them (no you can’t phony it), and attempting to offer significant remarks on them. 

Is it true that you are certain you’ll have the option to do this throughout every day, come what may, notwithstanding, delivering quality substance on a theme that is NOT fascinating to you for one year, two years, five years? 

The Golden Rule: Don’t pick subjects about which you don’t know. 

  1. Competition in your Niche

So you have to write down some niche in which you take interest and then your find cricket will be on the top of your niche list. Because You eat cricket, rest cricket, dream cricket. So would it be a good idea for you to simply feel free to begin your cricket blog? There’s a small issue with that. You’ll have a touch to face as a competitor. Also, Cricketnext. 

  • Also, OneIndiaCricket. Alright, so you strike off cricket understanding the serious extent of that specialty. Presently what? You go directly to another most loved subject of yours: Taking consideration of the hair of German Shepherds. You do a Google search. Indeed! There are zero rivalries. So would you be able to feel free to make your blog on the German Shepherd thing? 


  • There are zero rivalries, yet shouldn’t something be said about the interest? Will an adequate number of individuals google it consistently? The key is to find some kind of harmony among your advantage, the well-known patterns, and the degree of rivalry. 
  • I picked love and connections as my specialty since I was consistently energetic about improving lives through the internal turn of events. Additionally, no committed data-based Indian locales existed in the affection and connections specialty (mind-boggling I know). At that point, I made my recommendation significantly more novel by adding segments like free advising, commitments, and a “total your romantic tale”. 
  1. Ability to work for Long-Term

“Current events” is a territory that is high in popularity. It might be high on the write-down list of your interest niches. 

However, don’t begin a blog webpage called – something like this won’t hold an incentive in the long haul. Pick an immortal subject. One approach to do this is to blog on evergreen points (or niches that have a high timeframe of realistic usability). You can look into the top trending Niches or topics from Google Trends and Start your Blog posting on your website. 

  1. Why people give attention to you? 

So now you’ve limited your niche list to 3 or 4 niches dependent on the above measures. Presently you need to consider which of these subjects manages the cost of you the capacity to offer something interesting. 

It very well might be Experience (voyaging broadly is the capability that you need for a touring blog). Deep investigation of a subject at college. Indeed, even fundamental composition (individual blogpost in India are well known). For my situation, it’s a mix of every one of the three of these. I had just experienced a line of wrong connections when I met a blogger who recently ended up being a victimizer, and at last, that relationship took me extremely close to not finishing my MBA. 

This disastrous issue was an extraordinary encounter that caused me to acknowledge numerous realities about existence, and how to quit misunderstanding into connections. From that point forward, I have committed myself to aid individuals in comparative conditions by giving them the data, exhortation, and backing that I so severely required previously yet didn’t discover. 

So more or less, when you pick your publishing content to a blog specialty, locate a drawn-out venture that you love expounding on. Discover a point that intrigues you. Discover something that you love more than all else. How to start a blog from Scratch

Here we start picking some interesting things I know you are enjoying this article.

Pick a Good Domain For Your Blog (How to start a blog from Scratch)

Probably the greatest test for beginning is finding the correct name for your blog. Sorting out a decent name is hard enough all alone, yet it gets trickier when you need to consider finding an accessible space name. Now in the game, most space names you can consider all things being equal are either taken or possessed by somebody who needs a great deal of cash for them. 

It’s imperative to have a space name that intently coordinates your blog’s name, or your per users will struggle discovering you again — particularly when you’re simply beginning and will not have a lot of quality on the web crawlers. So, you need an area name that is both accessible and applicable to what be the issue here… extra focuses if it’s infectious or has some character! 

Here are a few hints to assist you with picking the correct area name for your blog:

  • Check the sound and accessibility of a few blends of those keywords. 
  • Write down your rundown of choices dependent on accessibility and which ones you like. 
  • Google your top choices. 
  • Judge your alternatives on memorable ability. 
  • Register a new domain. 

How to buy a custom domain?

  1. Go To

Bluehost buying domain and hosting

  1. Signup and Sign in with your email address.

  1. Choose the best plan for your domain.
  2. Bluehost domain and hosting plan
  3. Choose the domain name for your website.
  4. Bluehost domain choosing
  5. Fill in all the account information.
  6. Pay the charge of the domain as per your plan.
  7. Also buy some important things for your websites like an SSL certificate, Custom email, and some SEO tools. 

Alternatives of a custom domain How to start a blog from Scratch

  • Go to

Blogger domain

Why Bluehost is the Best? 

Bluehost is the best domain hosting providing company which is started in 1996 by Endurance International Group. Bluehost is the largest hosting provider company that has provided about 1.98 billion domains because of its reliability the number of registered domains by the Bluehost is increasing day by day. Let’s discuss some of the points why Bluehost is best. How to start a blog from Scratch

  1. Customer support 

Bluehost provides 24*7 customer support, it has a large number of employe as customer support which helps to get rid of the problem that you are facing. In most cases when you are facing any problem then it will be resolved within 24hrs after raising the ticket regards this.

  1. cPannel 

BlueHost has a beautiful customized Control Pannel which provides an understanding bout the used space, also provides options for managing your SSD. Bluehost Control pannel is easy to accessible and user-friendly.

  1. Money Back

Sometimes during a paid subscription, you want to quit, then blue host provides money back at some Terms and Conditions with zero hidden charges. Bluehost to make things easy and clean. 

  1. Affordable Plans

Bluehost provides affordable pans starting from $2.95 to custom plans as per your business requirements. With each plan blue host provides an email The blue host also offers dedicated IP Address at very affordable prices.

  1. Signing with your Gmail account
  2. Gmail sign in
  3. Press the button “New Blog”
  4. New Blog
  5. Choose your free website name and save the details 
  6. You can also use the free website 

Difference between a custom domain and a free domain?

  1. 1. Ads on your site are constrained by the web facilitating organization that gives you free web hosting. It can utilize pop-ups, flags, or some other notice on your site on which you don’t have control. If likewise, you have some control, you may just choose what size of ads would be shown where on your site. You will not have command over what promotion you will show on the site. Despite what might be expected, when you benefit from paid web facilitating, you have full command over your site and no outcast can choose anything for it. 
  1. Customer care support is not available in free web hosting. Something which comes free can’t be approached to accompany esteem added administrations. If something turns out badly with your site, there’s no customer care for sites made with free hosting. Then again, paid web facilitating administrations give specialized help to the clients as well as give them help guides, instructional exercises, and so forth 
  1. Low bandwidth and data transfer limit is available in free hosting powerless against more prominent vacation though, paid hosting site gives you ideal bandwidth and data move for greatest uptime. You likewise can’t transfer more pictures or recordings when utilizing free web hosting administration, you don’t get sufficient SSD. 

End, If you are new to blogging you need to go with a blogger or WordPress free site. After the addition of experience and more details of keyword research and another SEO term, you can go with the Custom domain. How to start a blog and get paid

Here, this part is very important so read properly.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog?                   

How to install WordPress on your domain?: This is the part we’ve all been sitting tight for! Whenever you’ve joined to BlueHost, you can sign in with your login details. Ensure you’re on the hosting tab at the top, at that point find the “Site” segment on your control board. Just snap “Introduce WordPress”. BlueHost will control you by introducing WordPress which is exceptionally simple to do. How to start a blog from Scratch

The cycle will request that you confirm a couple of subtleties and check that the domain you would prefer to introduce WordPress on is the right one. When WordPress is installed successfully, select “My Sites” from the side route menu on the left-hand side.

On the off chance, you have various sites, click “Manage Site” to find the right one. Under “Themes”, select “Manage” and you can install a WordPress theme. Recall there are bunches of free WordPress themes, just as top-notch ones. You can likewise utilize subjects from outsider sites like ThemeForest. 


Sign in to WordPress to keep updating your WordPress site with BlueHost. On the off chance that you didn’t choose a theme prior, you can do this whenever utilizing the “Themes” area through WordPress. A default theme will as of now be introduced for you if you haven’t picked one. If you plan on selling on the web, you can interface with WooCommerce.

You can likewise interface with to get to additional functionalities and highlights, by making an account free of charge. 

Whenever you’ve wrapped up altering your site, you can return to the WordPress control board and snap BlueHost. This will permit you to “Launch” your site for the world to get to. 

Step by step instructions to Customize Your WordPress Website 

There is a wide range of components that you can tweak with your WordPress site if you have the correct theme. Numerous perspectives can be modified however you would prefer, from design to foundation picture – even the text style in the header. Figuring how to get in the engine of your WordPress site and complete these, in some cases, may be somewhat interesting. 

Today, we will direct you on the best way to change the textual style as well as text color in your WordPress header for most WordPress Themes. The header of your site is frequently the absolute first thing that grabs the attention of guests, so you’ll need to ensure you can alter this text style however you would prefer so it best addresses your image. 

The Importance Of Font Selection For Your Website.

Before we get into the points of interest on the best way to change the text style tone in your header, we should take a look at precisely why you would need to do this. Ongoing examinations have shown that for some individuals, the visual format and style of the site alongside the comprehensibility of the textual styles is a higher priority than the gaudy pictures or pictures.

You will need around three to four textual styles chose for your various components — one for the header/title, one for the headings (and conceivably one more for the subheadings), and one for the primary content. This makes a progression that helps your site stream and makes the general web architecture satisfying to guests. 

Making Color Considerations For Your Website 

Shading is simply one more significant piece of your site’s typography. If you have at any point gone out into a jam-packed parking area and attempted to find an unremarkable white vehicle among the horde of uninspiring white vehicles out there, you realize how significant tone can be. If your site is essentially dark content on a white foundation, without any features or different employments of shading, you hazard pushing clients away with a dull plan. 

Likewise, on the off chance that you take a stab at something that is excessively extraordinary – like maroon-style content on a dark foundation – you are going into a pain point with a better reading and accessible ability. You need your textual style to be clear and simple for guests to per user. In this way, pick colors that don’t mix away from plain sight yet rather have an unmistakable contrast. On the off chance you have a light-hued foundation, pick a dull shading that will appear differently about it.

Dark is typically the default, however, you could utilize another more obscure tone. On the off chance that you have a dim foundation, you don’t need a dull text style tone, like dim blue on dark, as this would make it mix away from plain sight excessively. All things being equal, go with a lighter tone or even white to help it stand apart with a high difference from the foundation, making it simpler to per user. 

Tips to Customize Your WordPress Website Header Font 

When you understand what shading you need to change your textual styles to, sign in to your WordPress Dashboard. In the interface, click on the “Customize” button on the left-hand sidebar. Go to the top tab “Site Title and Logo.” Here, you ought to have the option to change the real content of your header just as the text style family. 

Generally, alongside the textual style selector is the alternative to change the tone for your header text. Select the one that best suits your specific necessities. Since you realize how to change textual style tone in your WordPress header, it’s not difficult to attempt a wide range of shading choices. When you discover the textual style and shading that best accommodates your site, you can be certain it will assist with making your site look significantly more expert and complete. 

If you have any inquiries or are uncertain how to continue, kindly don’t hesitate to drop by our comment section. One of our local area individuals will give you an answer and provide you the guidance you need, regardless of what your inquiry might be. Meanwhile, glad site building! 

Best Plugins for WordPress site 

Since the entirety of your head is most likely turning to ponder 40,000 module choices, here are the main 10 fundamental modules required for WordPress achievement. 

WordPress plugins

  1. Yoast SEO 

As a matter of first importance, your site won’t stand out enough to be noticed without site improvement apparatuses or SEO, and Yoast SEO is the simplest, most complete plugin for this component. This plugin smoothes out your labels across all information insightful stages (i.e Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter Analytics, and so on), just ensure your keyword is adjusted and in the right places. 

In case you’re new to the entirety of this and don’t comprehend what I just said, essentially Yoast SEO improves the probability that your site gets traffic from individuals you need related to your blog niche.               

  1. WP – Backup 

You need to have the option to rest sufficiently around evening time realizing that entire your site content is backed up and securely shielded from becoming mixed up in the dark opening that is the Internet. The most amazing aspect about this plugin is it permits you to set your site up to get standard reinforcements, so you don’t generally need to make sure to do it all alone.

WP-Backup plugin has a bit of leeway over different ones that have practically indistinguishable highlights since it’s free, and one of the least demanding to set up. 

  1. Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar module permits clients to more readily arrange and plan all blog posts for their site. The upgraded usefulness of the Editorial Calendar, also the stylishly satisfying format, makes for a more proficient substance the executives framework. 

  1. WPForms 

WPForms permits you to gather client data like messages, reviews, names, and installment details. You can integrate it with your number one email showcasing stage and installments processor to appreciate a consistent client experience on your blog.  

  1. WP-Google Analytics Dashboard 

Expecting that each site has a Google Analytics account, since why have a site on the off chance, you can’t keep tabs on its progress and readership? This module incorporates easily with your Google Analytics account, showing your most applicable examination, including site guests and snap rates. This module additionally shows a board that permits you to screen and look at details throughout some period.

  1. Elementor 

Elementor is another WordPress Plugin you should download on your blog. It is a drag and drops page manufacturer that permits you to assemble instinctive pages that effectively convert web guests into leads and purchasers. Not exclusively would you be able to make a sales funnels page with Elementor, however, you can likewise make such pages and post with it. Each square is adjustable as you would prefer and you can coordinate it with other WordPress plugins. 

  1. Akismet 

For sites that permit comments on posts, there is a requirement for a module that forestalls and sifts through spam, keeping discussions and remark logs clean. This module is not difficult to design and has a month-to-month plan valuing alternatives that are adaptable and moderate, anyway requires an API key and programmed account registration. 

  1. ShareThis 

This module is vital for expanding your site traffic through social media handles integration with your website. Share this permits you to add a share Button for all applicable social media handle to your posts, and different areas on your website. This permits guests to effortlessly share your substance on to their social media handle, expanding permeability for your webpage by contacting a considerable and quality quantity of clients and traffic.

  1. Broken Link Checker 

Broken Link Checker permits you to know when a specific connection on your WordPress blog isn’t any longer available on your Blog website. Since broken links influence your web index positioning and increase the value of your crowd. This is the reason you must introduce a Broken connection checker on your WordPress blog. 

  1. CaptainForm 

Captain Form is outstanding plugin amongst other for making forum for WordPress destinations. This module is vital for distributing web structures like contact, registration, donation, buy/sell structures, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s quite possibly the most state-of-the-art, easy-to-understand forum plugin. 

All in all, remember that your webpage or blog doesn’t require so numerous modules. On the off chance that you fill your WordPress establishment with an abundance of modules can be empowered and have a horrible showing. The best thing is just to zero in on the rudiments and the main ones. These fundamental WordPress modules are significant and as we saw, some are more significant and fundamental than others, like security or SEO. 

I know you are very excited to publish your first blog post on your site and start making money in Dollars $ that’s why I share some blog post writing tips. Must read.

here is this video for you of Top 10 WordPress Plugins:

How to Write and Make Live Your First Blog Post 

At a point when I was beginning a blog, I didn’t figure I could compose a blog post for my website. I have to struggle with each part of composing content — spelling errors, punctuation, and core interest in the niche of your blog. I required a framework. 

First Blog Post

It is very simpler when you comprehend the pieces of a decent blog entry. These parts cooperate to pull in per users and keep them intrigued directly to the finish of your post. 

Here are the Six tips for compiling a blog post to utilize a format every time you can start another article: 

  1. Strong and attractive headlines: It doesn’t make any difference how incredible your substance is if no one clicks on your web post by seeing your heading. 
  1. First Sentence of a blog: The primary sentence should be short, yet convincing, so per users proceed to the fundamental body of your article. 
  1. Short presentation: Readers are there to realize what you guaranteed in the feature. You hazard losing consideration if you go on too long in the presentation. 
  1. Subheadings: Subheadings resemble smaller than usual features embedded all through the article – they make your article simple for viewers. 
  1. Main body duplicate: All the composing that fits under the subheadings is the primary body of your blog entry. 
  1. Call to Action: Tell your per users what you need them to do straightaway. Regardless of whether it’s to pursue something, become some portion of your client base, or join your crowd, request that per users make a move. 

Utilizing a system that appears to be prohibitive — however, it’s simply an attitude. I use limitations in my article writing with creativity. Limitations empower you to be free inside the characterized boundary. 

Now here is the time to tell you some fast money-making ways.

Top Ways to Make Money from Your Blog 

  1. By providing product Information

One famous procedure for passive revenue from your blog by providing product information, for example, a digital book, or a sound or video course, at that point, kicking back while the money rolls in from the offer of your item. Courses can be conveyed and sold through destinations like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera. 

start-a-blog-from-scratch (1)

On the other hand, you should think about a “freemium model” – creating a big audience with free substance and afterward charging for more definite data or for the individuals who need to know more. Let’s take an example give some free e-book or video lecture for Coding. The free substance goes about as an exhibit of your aptitude and may draw in those hoping to go to the following level. How to start a blog from Scratch

  1. Income by Rent

Putting resources into investment properties is a compelling method to acquire automated revenue. Be that as it may, it frequently requires more work than individuals anticipate. On the off chance that you don’t set aside the effort to figure out how to make it a beneficial endeavor, you could lose your speculation, to say the least, says John H. Graves, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) in the Los Angeles region and creator of “The 7% Solution: You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement.” 

  1. By Affiliate Marketing

With subsidiary showcasing, site proprietors, online media “influencers” or bloggers advance an outsider’s item by remembering a connection to the item for their webpage or web-based media account. Amazon may be the most popular subsidiary accomplice, but eBay, Awin, and ShareASale are among the bigger names, as well. Furthermore, Instagram and TikTok have become colossal stages for those hoping to grow after and advance items.

  1. Start Earning with AdSense

Blog adaptation is quite possibly the most well-known (and least demanding) method of bringing in cash. You utilize an adaptation administration like Google Ads, Amazon Associates Program,, or Popup Ads to put their promotions on your blog in return for income. Cost Per Click(CPC) and Cost Per Impression(CPM) payout rates are for the most part extremely low. You need a huge number of individuals to snap or see your pages to get a couple of dollars. 

4 Important Tips to Become a Best Blogger 

Innovation and IT business continue refreshing itself consistently, in the past period. There were many restricted alternatives accessible for bringing in cash on the web, be that as it may, presently as individuals are mastering numerous new abilities, they are equipped for finding different routes through which they can get independently employed. 

Tips to Become a Best Blogger 

Furthermore, perhaps the most executed technique through which an individual can procure without working right in front of somebody is writing for a blog. Publishing content to a blog is a standout amongst other vocation choices you have in 2021. With publishing content to a blog, you can carry on with manager free life. 

4 significant hints that cause you to turn out to be the best blogger:- 

  1. You Need to Keep Patience when you are composing sites. How to start a blog from Scratch
  2. Realize Your Niche, get profound insights regarding your specialty and expound on that.
  3. Compose Unique Content, content should be 100% plagiarism-free content. 
  4. Offer Your Content via an online media handle. How to start a blog and get paid

Should I Start blogging in 2021?

Developing at a quick speed, we can gladly say that the fate of publishing content to a blog in 2021, is very brilliant and going to help a great deal in the IT business. Writing for a blog is a stage on which an individual can share any data, and it isn’t at all compulsory that one ought to get it done for acquiring purposes as it were. 

Yet, indeed, on the off chance that your sole object is to acquire through your blog, you should know some novel strategies through which you can stop people in their tracks towards your blog and make money with your blog. Yes, we do concede Blogging is intense that is the reason this is a cleaning industry, once you assemble the authority of your website then things will turn out to be simple for you. 

Should I Start blogging in 2021

If you are thinking about that “ What is the future of blogging in 2021? ” at that point without a doubt, it is very close to acknowledging this by society, asking why? 

Here are your answers: 

  • Blogging as numerous individuals don’t value regular work. They think it is an exercise in futility and cash because at first, you don’t acquire anything. 
  • Explaining to individuals about publishing content to a blog in detail is intense as they are not refreshed with the most recent innovations and advanced promoting instruments. 
  • People do low-maintenance tasks to bring in more cash so they can satisfy their different necessities. Be that as it may, doing low maintenance work isn’t commendable because it won’t make you monetarily steady. How to start a blog for free

Here you are it is also very important guys if you want to be a money-making machine and fast success achiever you have to follow this properly.How to start a blog from Scratch

How to Promote Your Blog to Get Traffic?

After all the successful setup of your blog, Now the question is “how to promote your blog to get traffic.” There are many ways to promote a blog Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Regulate update your blogs

Most of the bloggers are not updating their content so their blog post which is at 1st position of google is started going down. Regularly update in blog increase the number of visitors also gives a positive sign to the visitor again for the latest update. How to start a blog from Scratch

  1. Keep Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the best way to promote your blogs to get traffic. About 4.5 billion people are using social media which is a huge source of traffic. Make a presence on social media by continuously posting quality content.

  1. Paid PromotionHow to start a blog from Scratch

Facebook and Google ads are the best way of paid promotion. Paid promotion is usually used to make the branding or for sales purposes. Through paid promotion, you can reach out to a large audience in less time. How to start a blog and get paid

  1. Link building

Link building is also the best way to get more traffic. Link building refers to posting your website link to other website links through different activities like image submission, article sharing, social bookmarking, etc. Post your website link on High DA PA and low Spam Score website.

  1. Email Marketing How to start a blog and get paid

Email Marketing is the most effective way to promote your blog. Make an email list of your audience by giving abate of free e-book or course. Regularly send mail to your targeted email list for every update on your blog or website. How to start a blog for free

How to Start a  Blog From Scratch 


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