What is Link Juice in SEO? How to Get Link juice in only 24Hrs

Today’s topic is – What is Link Juice in SEO? What are the benefits of Link Juice? How to get Link Juice?

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If you have started blogging or you are thinking of making a blog or website. Then this post is going to be very useful for you. Because this post is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Whenever we write any content, our first effort is to get organic traffic to the content written by us. Organic traffic means, people who visit our blog, rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) by doing a keyword search on the search engine (Google) from our post or page.

For this, we submit and verify the sitemap of our blog or website on Google Search Console. As a result, Google Bots provides search engine rankings to content by performing web crawling and search indexing of the content available on our sitemaps. 

But, the question arises that when two different authors write on the same topic, on what basis does the search engine rank their content up and down on the SERP? Today’s topic is related to this question.

Let’s start knowing.

What is Link Juice?

What is Link Juice
What is Link Juice

Link Juice is a non-technical term for SEO. According to Wisegeek.com, the term link juice was first used by Greg Bowser (SEO Consultant). And since then it is going viral.

The SEO value given by a hyperlink used on any content according to the relevance and authority of the given link is called link juice or link equity.

When we backlink to another blog or website in the content via hyperlink while writing our content, the search engine, after checking the content relevance of that backlink, passes a value according to its domain and page authority.

This value is called link juice or link equity. Link juice increases the search ranking of our content. Along with this, the authority of our content also increases.

How to get Link Juice?

No one else knows a whole lot about Google’s content ranking strategy. Nevertheless, if we pay attention to some points, then by giving backlinks to our original content, we can get maximum link juice. like –

  • No-Follow Link – If you have used No-Follow Backlink of any site in the content then it will not be of any use. Because Google bots ignore no-follow links. Then no credit will be given from that link. So avoid such links. If you want to check the No-Follow Status of any link. So right-click on that link. Clicking on the Inspect Element option in the pop-up menu will open a window on the right. Here you will see rel=”nofollow”.
  • Relevant Links – Use only relevant and relevant links from your content.
  • High Authority Link – Try that the page authority of the backlink you are giving and the domain authority of that site is more than your blog or website.
  • Blocked Crawls – Sometimes a site’s robots.txt file contains instructions to block its content.

That’s why Google’s bots don’t crawl that content. Doesn’t even come on SERP. So do not link such content.

  • HTTP Error – Sometimes the content contains redirect errors like 301, 302, 404, etc. Do not link to such content.
  • Link Position – In your content, always position the link above or in the middle of the body. Links placed in the footer, sidebar, or at the very end are given less importance by Google.
  • Link Niche – Always try to give only the site with the Niche of your site.
  • Link Count – Many times we think that the more links we give, the higher will be the Search

Ranking, whereas, this is wrong. If some of them have irrelevant links, Google will be confused to crawl them. In this case, the rank of our content will fall instead of increase. So use only limited and correct links.

  • Link to your site – If you want, you can also get link juice by giving an internal link to any other post or page of your blog or website. Here also the rule is the same, the content you are writing should be related to your old content.

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How to check link juice?

Google created the first algorithm, PageRank, to accurately measure link juice. Its main function was to check the ranking of that website through the backlink profile of any site.

But after that Google started using many other, more advanced algorithms. Which now provides rankings by analyzing multiple factors at many different stages.

Having a Link Juice Pass means passing the right. If we want to know the Link Juice of a website, then we should see its Domain Authority. And if you want to check the authority of any page or post, then you can see the page authority of that article.

However, information about domain and page authority is now provided by many online tools. But, the most trusted of these is – Moz Domain Authority. Here you can check the authority of your site and page online.

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Conclusion “What is Link Juice in SEO”:

From the above post “What is Link Juice in SEO”, we learned that – What is Link Juice? Why is this useful? How to get Link Juice while writing a post on your blog or website? What are the things to be kept in mind? And how to check Link Juice?

An attempt has been made to explain this post in simple language through pictures and points. So if you liked this post then you are requested to share it with your friends and colleagues. And if you have any doubt on any step then definitely ask in the comment box. Link Juice calaculater, Link Juice tool


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