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What is Share Market: Share means to share and the market is said to be the place where there is a ban on buying shares. A stock market is a place where many companies sell their company’s shares and people buy those shares. what is the share market in India?

What is Share Market?

What is Share Market

There are two “stock markets” in India Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) Shares are sold and bought in these stock exchanges, you can buy and sell shares through stockbrokers in the stock market. share market meanining

How does a company get listed in the stock market?

If a company wants to raise money from the stock market, then it has to get its company listed in the stock market, for the company to be listed in the stock market, first of all, it has to give its data to SEBI. . After taking the necessary data, the company gets listed in BSE and NSE, which is called IPO, when someone buys shares of that company, then he becomes the owner of that company.

How are shares bought and sold?

When a company brings its IPO, that company sells its shares and some people buy shares, but to buy shares, first, a DEMAT account has to be opened.

  • Demat account can be opened only through any broker
  • After that, we have to link the DEMAT account with our savings account
  • You can buy and sell shares through brokers by getting your account KYC
  • Brokers charge some commission to reduce this.

What is a Demat Account?

If you want to short in the share market then you have to open a Demat account, your purchased shares are kept in Demat account, whenever you buy any share it comes in your Demat account within 2 days. You can open an account through any stockbroker.

What is a Trading Account?

You can buy and sell shares only through the trading account. When you buy a share, it is bought through your trading account. A trading account is also opened through a brokerage.

You have to open your Demat account and Trading account simultaneously, for this you will have to get KYC done, this account is required to manage your shares by linking your Demat and trading account with your savings account. is given.

Documents for opening Demat and trading account

  • Pan card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport size photo
  • Canceled check
  • Income Tax Return
  • Signature

By completing all these documents, you can open your account in the stock market and buy and sell shares, but you have to keep in mind that if you open your account with a good stockbroker, the commission rate of many brokers is quite high. happens more. market. is high. Note that this happens more.

Difference between Demat and Trading Account? What is Share Market

Zerodha Account:

Zerodha is a very good stockbroker, the commission rate of Zerodha is very low so I short the stock market through Zerodha I recommend you to open your share account in Zerodha only Zerodha India no 1 brokers company. What is Share Market

It provides you platform for all types of investments. In Zerodha you can buy and sell shares with kite software, you can run this software on your phone, and with coin software, you can invest in mutual funds and Zerodha also provides you a lot of software through which you can invest in mutual funds. You can easily invest in stocks. Market. what is share market in india

Important things of Share Market:

You already know how to open an account in the stock market, now it comes that we should invest in shares because there are many stock lists in the market, so you have to gather information about the stock market because the stock market is A market about which whatever information you collect will be less, today we will give you information about the stock market which will help you while buying shares.

Read the chart carefully:-

When you open the chart of any company, you will see a lot of lines, which tell about the stock of that company whether the share price is increasing or decreasing if the line is moving upwards and the share price Increasing. It happens that if the line is going down then the price is going down.

Before investing in stocks you need to prepare a chart.

  • First, draw the chart on the candlestick chart. What is Share Market
  • Candlestick chart will help you to read your chart
  • Candlestick chart has four sections of candles open, close, high, and low this will help you to read the chart

Search thoroughly about the company:-

If you want to buy shares of a company, then first do a thorough search about that company, only then buy shares, you see how many orders the company has, what is its sale, what is the profit of the company How much debt is there on the company, the share price of the company is not high, how much support does the company have and many more things have to be found when you like all the things of the company, then only you can get investment in the company, this In this way we reduce the risk of loss and our investment is good.       share market meaning

Invest money by looking at the risk in the stock market:-

The stock market is risk-averse, here people become rich overnight and also become poor, so you estimate your risk in the stock market, according to me, you should invest that money in the stock market. You should do what you don’t. need soon.

  • If you invest money in the market for a long time then you get good returns.
  • Risk is also less in long term investment
  • You should keep checking the share price from time to time
  • You should also pay attention to stock market news.

Earn money in different stocks:-

While investing in the stock market, never invest your money in one stock, always invest money in different stocks, by doing this the risk of the market is reduced, if you invest all the money in one share, then there is a lot of risk in this. High because if that stock goes down you can lose all your money, by investing money in different stocks other stocks make up for the loss of that stock and your profit remains constant. what is the share market in India

I hope you have come to know about the stock market by reading this post. If you like my post then do share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this post. What is Share Market

What is Share Market?


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